Our Team

Our core group of executives has worked together for an average of over twenty years. And after standing shoulder to shoulder for over seven hundred project, we know what we are doing.

Key Team Members:

Michael Roark, President
Michael founded M K Roark, Inc in 1986 and has been its chief executive since. Mr. Roark’s design / build / development firms have constructed over seven hundred significant projects to date, including mission critical and medical facilities, general and mixed-use buildings, commercial offices, outside plant and public works projects. Michael also founded FiberMedia, a premier provider of IT and Cloud services with multiple data centers in the northern US, for which he serves as Executive Chairman. Interconnect Miami, a Miami-based colocation and telecom services provider is another Roark company. Michael was a pioneer in the development of multi-tenant technology centers with a specialization in data centers, and has provided the design, construction, development and provisioning of many mission critical facilities and telecom infrastructures.

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A Few Words About Us

A Few Words About Us

We are fanatically dedicated to Quality, which is reflected in all aspects of the process as well as in the final product. Our practical experience in the construction industry has developed an efficient and exacting approach to our specialty, and our success was established with cost conscious and timely execution.

We have constructed over 700 major projects as General Contractor, and General Contracting has been our core offering since 1986. Although we have expanded our offerings to get abreast of our Client’s requests over time, these expanded offerings are entirely optional. Because of our success in developing for our own account, we have the background and talent to be a great partner, and use our knowledge for the benefit of our Clients.

Our organized and hands-on approach makes sure our Clients are able to focus on their core business and not get lost in the shuffle.


Why Choose Us

M K Roark’s cost estimating translates into accurate budgets and competitive bids.

We provide preliminary budgets, schedules, cash flow forecasts, value engineering, analysis input and plan for the best and most cost effective construction process while still in the feasibility or design phase. Our extensive experience allows us to often work on a fee basis with a Guaranteed Maximum Price based only upon preliminary design and programming.

To build projects which meet or exceed the requirements of budget, quality and schedule, we utilize a complex set of tools including thorough communications, solid technical expertise, precise accounting procedures and good business sense. We are proud of our ability to provide value engineering without compromising the integrity of the designer’s intent. For our clients the results are more economical, functional and durable time after time. Know how saves money.

Whether a lump sum bid or negotiated fee, M K Roark is competitive.







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