Building Construction

Our portfolio include dozens of free-standing buildings, including low-rise corporate headquarters (such as for State Farm), mid-rise buildings (such as the Brickell Villa Condominium) and some hi-rise buildings (such as the Riande Hotel).

Although our core business has traditionally not been building hi-rise buildings nor residential-oriented projects, our Clients’ requests have at times required it; and we have responded successfully through the years. M K Roark is a Client-focused service business, and our goal is to develop and keep long-term relationships. When our Clients require us to step out of our normal patterns to construct large buildings, we have the depth and breadth to come through.

Momentum and great organization is critical to keep schedules moving with smooth logistical results. We have developed a particular approach to scheduling that requires the project management team for large projects to work closely together and produce a well-reasoned and detailed CPM (Critical Path) schedule --- in other words, build the project on paper before ever sinking a shovel in the ground. This way, lead times are addressed early in the game, procurement priorities and potential problems are anticipated, and the team that will build the project in the field will have to fully understand the entire process, as well as taking ownership of all milestones and deadlines.


Fanatical Scheduling

Our schedules are met through the constant diligence and creativity we use to control, monitor and coordinate the work of many (and without compromising safety). We are not afraid to commit to tight deadlines. We keep our commitments.

We Are

We Are Responsive!

We don’t make decisions by committee, generate red tape or compromise our ability to be responsive, however small or large the job may be. We find every project’s best way to be sequenced and managed, keeping the Owner’s perspective in front.

From Concept
to Completion

From Concept to Completion

Beginning with conceptual design and budgeting, our team evaluates the functional and commercial aspects of our projects with an eye to cost control and build-ability, so we can contain cost escalation, minimize design changes, save time and improve long-term operation costs.







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