Modular On-Demand

Modular On-Demand

M K Roark provides turn-key solutions for a variety of modular, mission-critical facilities including enterprise-level single-user data centers, multi-tenant colocation facilities, telecom switch nodes and re-gen sites. All aspects of site selection, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning are available on a flexible basis, and intelligently tailored to our Customer’s needs.

Our background creating and operating data centers paved the way for a complete understanding of every step involved in this process, although we also offer installation services for modules that are produced by others.

Rapid Deployment

Retrofits and Expansions

New data centers take time to design and build. Cost effective brick and mortar solutions need to be large to make good sense.

M K Roark’s modular solutions scale perfectly with demand on a pay-as-you-grow basis, which is especially helpful given the rapid shifts in IT requirements that are spurred by quick growth and new technologies.

High-Performance & Precise Scalability

Outside Plant Work

The tightly-controlled environments provided by ‘containerizing’ data center space enable PUE’s and other efficiencies that are simply not possible in the wide-open spaces of legacy data centers. Why build more than you need, given the cost to build typical data centers? Why not quickly and seamlessly add pods as needed that are tailored exactly to the business need at hand, especially when modular data centers cost significantly less on both a square foot and KW basis?

Customized Solutions

Rapid Deployment

  • Most IT requirements do not fit perfectly into a canned product line, so M K Roark has taken a step outside of the box by offering its proven capabilities to produce highly tailored modular data centers that match the need. The principals at M K Roark have been designing, engineering, building and operating data centers for over fifteen years, which means that we know how to creatively address every aspect of what it takes to deliver a responsive solution.







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