Growing from our core business of general contracting, we have become a one-stop shop for Clients that would prefer to concentrate on their core business and let us create the technical facilities that are essential to their success.

DevelopmentWe provide construction as a service as well, which can be structured in a way that gets the Client and M K Roark on the same team and working together to save time and money. We can build from a lump-sum or a Guaranteed Maximum Price and work shoulder-to-shoulder with the Client obtaining multiple bids for all trades to insure a highly competitive process, or any other method that makes good sense.

Your Mission-Critical Development Partner


Your Mission-Critical Development Partner

M K Roark offers real estate development as a service to create mission critical facilities, both for single-users as well as for multiple tenants.

Over the years, we have worn the Owner’s hat, the Developer’s hat, the Contractor’s hat and the Operator’s hat. In other words, we have researched and understood markets, guided projects from initial concept through completion, self-performed the required conceptual, design development and working drawings; worked with many jurisdictions to obtain all required approval and permits, self-performed the construction work as the General Contractor for all types of projects; and as a data center operator, have operated our own since 1999.

For single-user data centers, colocation facilities, telecom switches and multi-tenant carrier hotels, we know the entire process inside/out and upside/down. Although our focus is no longer on building for our own account, we have the background and talent to be a great partner and use our knowledge for the benefit of our Clients.








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